Dirty Missouri Blondes Who Were Showing Off Boobs At Golf Course Plead Guilty [Cuff ‘Em]

Remember Alicia L. Binford, 43, and Shelly L. Lewis, 46, and how they were arrested for showing their boobs at a Missouri golf outing? We researched these two and determined they’re a party waiting to happen. Flashing boobs for men at a golf course? Hell yeah! Alas, a national nightmare is over with both ladies pleading guilty to reduced charges.


The women, who bared their breasts during a June tournament at an Alton area course, pleaded guilty Thursday to amended counts of disorderly conduct and received six months of supervision and a $300 fine each.

The Sheriff’s Department had been tipped to the shenanigans by a Telegraph reporter who also had been tipped and drove to the Foster Township golf course, where she saw the incident unfolding. The women were on a section of the course clearly visible from nearby Wood Station Road and Woodland Hills Drive. They were exposing their breasts and surrounded by a group of men.

A newspaper reporter was the snitch? Smart business move, Telegraph. Don’t come crying when you’re down to home delivery three days a week and Huffington Post is kicking your ass.