44 Best Photos Of Paulina Gretzky – Including New Schoolgirl Outfit

In only about a years time Paulina Gretzky went from generic Twitter hottie to a household name via crazy hot Instagram photos. Obviously the fact she is Wayne Gretzky’s daughter played a part in her incredible rise but you’d be crazy to think that’s the only reason this girl is now paparazzi material.

With plenty of help from Twitter and Instagram Paulina has exploded into a celebrity type personality. The type of girl that guys drool over and chicks envy. Is it her rocking body? Her perceived sluttyness? Her party girl mentality? At this point it’s all of the above.

Only a few short months ago she was partying with randoms in Vegas, flashing her crotch for the world to see. Now? She’s been tied to Stanley Cup Champion Jarrett Stoll and landed a role in Adam Sandler’s upcoming film Grown Ups 2. We thought it was an appropriate time to pay homage to The Great One’s daughter with a best of photo gallery, so here it is…the definitive 44 best photos of Paulina Gretzky.

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