Vols Fan Steals From Walmart To Pay Off Losing Vols Bet


Something tells me he wasn’t gambling on the Vegas line because Mississippi State was a 3-point favorite. The Vols lost 41-31 at Mississippi State.


A man who stole $756 worth of goods from Walmart yesterday said he did so to pay off a bet he lost on Saturday’s UT football game.

Brandon Lee Henry, 19, and Latisha Lamson, 21, both of Old Qualls Road, were arrested in the case last night by Cookeville Police Officer Chris Melton. They are each charged with theft of property in connection with an incident at the Cookeville Walmart store on Tuesday.

“He stated he had lost a bet on the Tennessee Vols game on Saturday. He stated he gave the TV and Blu-ray player to the subject he lost the bet to. He stated he owed the subject $150.”

And Henry allegedly told the officer he stole the vacuum cleaner for a friend’s wife because “she had said she wanted one.”

At least this moron won’t be on the streets this week to gamble on the Tennessee vs. Alabama game.

“Straight up, UT beats Bama. Who wanna bet my ass?”

Looks like someone gonna lose his mystery meat lunch on Saturday.

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