Police: Oklahoma Teacher Katie Hightower Had Sex Party After Football Scrimmage [Cuff ‘Em]


How dirty (allegedly) is this Oklahoma teacher Katie Hightower, who is accused of raping a teenage boy? She married her ex-husband after he graduated from high school. As for her latest sexcapades, the fuzz says Hightower had a sex party after a high school football scrimmage.


According to court documents, students at Prue High School told deputies Hightower bought a group beer after a football scrimmage on Aug. 17, took them to her home and disappeared into the bedroom to have sexual intercourse with one of the underage boys.

Hightower rode the bus to and from the football scrimmage and sat next to the boy during the out-of-town trip, an affidavit states.

After returning, Hightower and three students went to Keystone Lake for about an hour, and the students said they overheard Hightower calling the boy “Babe” and then put her head in his lap.

The students told deputies they all consumed beer at Hightower’s house, but got bored after Hightower and the boy disappeared into the bedroom. The students left without telling Hightower, because, through the door, they could hear the two engaging in sex, according to the affidavit.

From the before and after photos, it looks like someone has been porking out on Cuban sandwiches and chocolate milk. As for how all this went down, how about the students ratting out the teacher? This wouldn’t have happened 15 years ago when the Internet didn’t exist. You never ratted on a teacher that would buy beer.

As for the sex part, don’t you think the kid is more embarrassed that he went hogging? Do we really need to drag him through the mud with a rape case? Absolutely not. Fire her from the English job, put her on house arrest and ban her ass from high school football games.

Boom, quality justice.

Are there hot photos of Katie that would contradict the mugshot? Maybe she was just a little bloated that day? Send us the good stuff. Where’s the Facebook account?


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