Oregon Fans Paint Arizona State’s “A” Mountain [PHOTOS]


Did Oregon fans pull the best BCS prank of 2012 last night when they painted the A on Arizona’s “A” mountain a beautiful shade of green? It’s at least a top 5. Why? Because Arizona State students were supposed to be guarding the butte from intruders, like the Oregon fans.

According to Arizona State:

The Tempe Normal School class of 1918 was responsible for installing the first letter on Tempe Butte. When the school changed its name to Tempe State Teachers College in 1925, students retained one side of the “N” to form the stem of the “T.”

The school changed its name to Arizona State Teachers College, and in 1938, the letter “A” was installed on the butte. In 1952, a bomb blast destroyed the letter. The present “A” stands 60 feet tall and was built of reinforced steel and concrete in 1955.

The green didn’t last long because the TV chopper dudes showed off the green ‘A’ on the morning news, prompting ASU students to get buckets of black paint and do work.

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