It’s True, Dick Vitale Really Is Blind In His Left Eye!


And here we pride ourselves on knowing pretty much all the oddities in the sports world. Did we know that Dick Vitale can’t see out of his left eye? Not until like 10 minutes ago when we were researching this tweet Dickie sent out earlier. This one-eye tweet to USA Today was absolutely serious.

According to a 1996 New York Times piece, Vitale has been analyzing Diaper Dandies without his left eye since he was very young.

Richard Vitale (his friends called him Richie) grew up in Passaic, N.J., the grandson of an Italian immigrant. His father, John, pressed coats in a factory all day and worked as a security guard at night. His mother, Mae, sewed coats in the family basement and dragged her son from doctor to doctor after he poked himself in the left eye with a pencil when he was 3 or 4 years old. Over the years, the eye became infected, got worse and eventually was lost.

“Finally I said, ‘Ma, you can’t save this eye, so forget about it,’ ” Mr. Vitale said. “I came this close to quitting high school because I was so depressed. I couldn’t play ball.”

So he started teaching and coaching high school basketball, went to Rutgers as an assistant and eventually became a Hooters spokesman. For only having one eye, this guy has lived the ultimate dream.

Best bar trivia nugget you’ll read all day.

Now, can someone at USA Today fix the site for one-eyed ESPN basketball analysts.

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