Buy O.J. Simpson’s LAPD Police Arrest Mugshot For $25,000, Get Free Shipping!


Fan of USC? The Buffalo Bills? Convicted murderers? If so, we’ve found quite the piece of memorabilia for you. Thanks to eBay you can now purchase an “original rare OJ Simpson LAPD arrest mugshot” for the completely reasonable price of $25,000. Just think how great this would be in your basement bar.

The item was posted to eBay by a former cameraman who refers to himself as the “Wildman”. According to the listing:

I (Wildman) used to be a cameraman in Hollywood, I chased bad guys with a big ole’ TV camera on my shoulder all over the country for the “COPS” show.

Long story short, Wildman was one of the cameramen covering the day OJ was arrested for the murder of his wife. Wildman ran into a fella named Bob Chandler, one of OJ’s teammates in Buffalo. Wildman explains:

He was going to talk to his old friend and give him some support…When Bob came out about an hour later he handed me this photo and asked me if I wanted it…I didn’t think much of it at the time…I put it in a box with all my other memorabilia . I have had it all these years… It is original and the story of how I got it is true.

But wait…there’s more. This posting comes with a full on sob story. Wildman is pulling out all the cards as he tries to unload this priceless piece of sports history.

After all these years of camerawork, my back, neck and shoulders got so bad I couldn’t do this work anymore.  I had to move out of my house and into my old RV with my 3 Kitties.

Damn near brings a tear to our eyes. If the image of Wildman in his RV, crippled and living with three cats doesn’t get you to drop $25K on this thing then you don’t have a pulse. Hell, we’re thinking of dropping the corporate card on this one ourselves!

[Buy the OJ Simpson Mugshot for $25,000 – eBay]

P.S. Does anyone else think it’s weird that Wildman is just posing with what appears to be a dead body in this photo, grinning from ear to ear? WTF?!

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