Tony Siragusa Selling 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible For Just $26K!


Of course Tony Siragusa owns a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible with just 40,000 original miles. It’s also for sale on eBay ($26,000) and caught our eye because of the really stupid aftermarket stereo installed that makes this pimp-mobile even more desirable.

Take a close look at the photos. You’ll see the Clarion CD player and Boss speakers. A quick look at Wal-Mart reveals that Boss 6s retail for like $18. A top end Clarion will set you back about $200.

This has to be the most embarrassing celebrity ride moments – ever.

Anyway, Russ, the guy who listed the car promises if you spend $26,000 Siragusa will personally congratulate you on the purchase. You’ll also get an autographed gift.

According to the listing:

Most of the Paint is Original and all of the Chrome and Glass are in excellent shape. The Bumpers have been rechromed, the Pot Metal is very nice, the Original Interior is in excellent shape, Dash and Steering Wheel have no Cracks, and everything works.

Russ has 100% positive feedback on 1,036 comments. Bid accordingly and just rip out the junk stereo.

[Buy Tony Siragusa’s Lincoln Continental – eBay]


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