2012 Red River Rivalry’s Best Drunken OU Dancing Moron [VIDEO]


You think one loss to Kansas State would derail the season for the Sooners? Nope, not a chance. Fresh off of a 63-21 stomping of Texas in the Red River Shootout things are back to normal for OU bros. This guy in particular really seemed to enjoy himself on Saturday night. Just hitting up a Kevin Fowler concert at the Texas State Fair like it ain’t no thing.

How this bro didn’t get curb stomped by any Longhorns fan is a miracle. The guy is there two-stepping and chicken dancing all over their asses after a 42-point blowout win. There wasn’t one drunk/ornery Texas fan willing to step up and clock this kid? We were secretly hoping this went from a drunk dance video to a drunken brawl video, but sadly that didn’t happen.

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