Detroit Tigers Selling 2012 ALDS Champange Corks For $5; Empty Bottles $50


So I happened to just stop by Game 3 of the ALCS last night and checked in on the Tigers memorabilia stand for pricing on 2012 ALDS champagne bottle corks. To our shock, Detroit had a low, low price of $5 on the corks.

Yes, teams are selling champagne corks because collectors will actually buy them.

Of course you might remember that last year the Tigers were selling 2011 ALDS corks for $20. Why the $15 drop this year? Supply and demand, we suppose.

There are also big pricing changes for the champagne bottles used by the Tigers in Oakland when they clinched the 2012 ALDS. A sales agent told us the bottles this year are $50 after costing $100 for 2011 bottles.

Hot dog prices go up while series clinching memorabilia goes down.

A hot dog at Comerica in 2011: $4; 2012: $5.

Go figure.


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