Wait, Christian Ponder’s Girlfriend Is ESPN’s Samantha Steele?


Is it possible that ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele has been secretly dating Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder right under our nose? A BC tipster mentioned that Steele-Ponder were engaging in hair pulling and high schoolery last night on Twitter.

The last we heard from Team Steele she was hanging with Drew Stubbs at the ESPYs in July.

A quick investigation reveals that there are some oddities to the Steele-Ponder Twitter exchanges. Why does this all matter? Because men, women and Minneapolis-St. Paul news channels will froth over such news for months.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Steele is 26. Ponder is 24.

The playing dumb, “I haven’t taken her virginity yet” move.

From this we figure that Stubbs was dumped in early September.


“Football is my girlfriend,” Ponder told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in September. “I’m a lone wolf right now. Football is my girlfriend. Painful girlfriend.”

And then last night Steele-Ponder pulled Christian’s father into the Twitter tension.

Make your own conclusions.

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