19 Best Photos Of Kyna Treacy – ARod’s ALCS Australian Distraction


ARod’s Game 1 of the ALCS distraction chick has been identified. Say hello to Kyna Treacy, an Australian model living in New York. She is allegedly the woman who received a baseball from ARod with his phone number on it, according to the NY Post.

Kyna is 27, in the twilight of her modeling career and just got more exposure for sitting at Yankee Stadium than most models will get in their entire careers.

According to the Post:

Treacy — a sexy catwalker who started her own swimwear line, Kini Bikini, which specializes in tiny crocheted suits — was sitting two rows behind the dugout with pretty pal Kate Quinn, friends of the women told The Post. Both Aussies currently live in the city, one pal said.

The Post also reported that Kyna is 33.

That was her first tweet since May. What more can we add? Nothing.


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