Only Two Seasons Removed From Playoffs, Chiefs Fans Start “Save Our Chiefs” Campaign [VIDEO]


What is the deal with Chiefs fans? They are quickly becoming the most annoying, entitled fan base in the NFL. Quickly gaining traction is a movement known as “Save Our Chiefs”. Honestly, it’s a bunch of Chiefs fans whining, who “think they deserve better”.

Remember Chiefs fans, you made the playoffs in 2010-11. You don’t see Bills fans or Browns fans whining like this. Sure every fan base has their select few, but seeing a Twitter account (@SaveOurChiefs) with over 75,000 followers is insane. It ends up being forum for a bunch of babies to whine and moan and act like they are being mistreated.

One of these such babies is Caleb S., a fan of Save Our Chiefs on Facebook. He had this to say:

I love Chiefs football. But the passed few years have been inexcusable. Not just on the field. What makes you think you can treat fans like this? I told them I wasn’t buying anymore plain tickets to go too arrowhead and be constantly disappointed and I haven’t boughten any new gear since 2010. They have to earn my money from now on. Just like I have to do.

Also food for thought via @mellinger:

So how do the bros behind Save Our Chiefs plan on making their voices heard? Well, they have a brilliant idea to have all the fans wear black to a home game…against the Raiders (CORRECTION: The “blackout” will be during the Chiefs home game against the Bengals on 11/18). Brilliant. Keep it up Chiefs fans. Here’s to hoping you babies have another decade of mediocrity to whine about.

@SaveOurChiefs     |     Save Our Chiefs Facebook Page

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