Doesn’t Detroit Dongs Sound Better Than Detroit Loins? [Morning Twitpic]

Who needs an internship? ESPN has an opening. Actually, that’s a helluva NFL team nickname. And so much more politically correct than calling them the Detroit Dongs.

How about that performance last night from Phil Rivers? 4 INTs and his team is outscored 35-0 in the 2nd half (lost 35-24)? A San Diego columnist actually gave Rivers an F- grade. Also receiving an F- was Norv Turner.

This guy still cashes NFL checks and his career record is 114-119.

In MLB news, Jack Morris says that Justin Verlander can be an even better pitcher. Wait, what? Morris says: “What Justin is going to be good at some day, what is going to set him to a different level, someday, is he is going to recognize that he has four bullets.”

Just worry about tonight and burying the Yankees 3-0.

Let’s get rolling!

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