Chargers Ticket Office Says Fatty Broncos Fan Doesn’t Technically Need To Buy Extra Seat


We called the San Diego Chargers ticket office this afternoon and made up an outrageous story about wanting to buy tickets to an upcoming game, but a parent was gigantic and wouldn’t fit in a normal seat.


Because that scenario took place and was shown on ESPN during Monday Night Football. Look at Elway just chillin’ in the front row. Not a care in the world, especially for the blonde who’s sitting on her boyfriend/husband’s lap.

What did the Chargers tell us about fat people buying seats at Jack Murphy? Fat people can buy a special seat, called a transfer seat, which don’t have an arm on one side of the seat. So you get a little bit of extra space. But those seats are on the aisle, according to a Jack Murphy policies report.

Official policy:

Aisle transfer seats are seats without arms and are located on an aisle. A
minimum of 100 transfer seats have an adjacent companion seat that can also be purchased.

We’re also told there are semi-ambulatory seats that have a minimum of 24″ of leg room. That’s obviously not the issue here.

In other words, the blonde and her boyfriend should have been given field passes or the Chargers should’ve told biggin’ to buy another seat – the transfer seat.

Neither happened.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that the Packers have a policy that babies must have a ticket to enter Lambeau.

Just another reason to stay home and purchase NFL Red Zone or watch MNF on your 60″ LCD.



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