Bob Knight Auctioning Off National Championship Rings & More!


Obviously our gut instinct was that Bob Knight was going to be featured in ESPN 30 For 30 Broke Vol. 2. Who just auctions off their career accolades on a whim if they aren’t going for broke? Well apparently Bob Knight is doing just that.

Just listed via Steiner Sports are multiple items highlighting Knight’s career accomplishments. From his 1987 National Championship ring to a 1984 Olympic gold medal to a certificate from Cathedral High School, you and your buddies can chip in for a piece of Bobby Knight history!

So why is Knight auctioning these priceless items off? Well according to The Dagger:

The legendary former Indiana coach will put some of the most valuable artifacts up for sale in an auction running until Dec. 5 in order to generate some extra money to help pay for the college education of his grandkids and nieces and nephews.

Very noble of Coach Knight.

These auctions are open for over a month! Just enough time for you and a few bros to each save up a couple grand to split the ’87 Championship ring. That thing is a guaranteed conversation piece at the bars on any given weekend. If you are a freshman at IU and struggling with the ladies, this is your chance. Trust us. The girls at the bars in Bloomington will flock to that ring.

[Bid on the Bob Knight Collection] [Bid on the Bob Knight Elite Collection]

[h/t Indy Star]

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