10 Scariest Women At Bikini Basketball League Tryout


Look, in no way are we trying to get on the bad side of crazy broads in Miami who may or may not have connections to giant dudes who’d kick our ass for the following comments. It’s just that we want to see the Bikini Basketball League prosper because it’s great for what we do and that’s great for business.

That said, let’s get down to business as to what went down over the weekend in Miami when the Miami Spice and Bikini Basketball League held open tryouts. It was a giant disaster and thankfully the Miami New Times was there with an HD camera to document the disaster.

1. Tattoos Should Be Outlawed From BBL

If you look like Birdman, you’re not allowed in the league. It’s that simple.

2. “This is what I look like in the club anyway.”

If that comes out of your mouth and you look like a mess, you’re cut. It’s that simple.

3. Fatties

Where did they import these tryout chicks? Cleveland? You see many porkies in the Lingerie Football League? No. Not even on the offensive line. You ever see a LFL defensive tackle pushing two bills? No way.

4. Implants

More implants that look professional and fewer flappies. It’s that simple.

5. Odds this league ever gets the midnight slot on BET




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