WWE Announces New Tag Team Of Cena-Tebow, A.K.A. ‘The Virgin Wreckers’ [Morning Twitpic]


No word if John Cena went out for a pass and Tebow threw one at his feet.

Hey, big Tebow news from yesterday’s game. He actually completed a pass for 23 yards and had four carries for seven yards. Fantasy stud (full boxscore).

Here are your BCS rankings. Let’s just say Florida beats South Carolina this week and runs the table to the SEC Championship. Let’s also say that all other contenders – besides Alabama – lose. Do we get another SEC rematch in the BCS Championship? Would the polls allow such a disaster?

It’s good to see the NY Post take the high road with its backpage this morning. The editors went with another ARod cover instead of hammering umpire Jeff Nelson on his shitty safe call.

Let’s get rolling!

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