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Can I Get A ROLL TIDE Up In This Decatur, Alabama County Jail? [Cuff ‘Em]


A 23-year-old was stabbed yesterday, according to Decatur Police. They’ve charged Johnathan Bass with assault after they say he stabbed Kentorius Holman.

This happened around 7 p.m. on Kooken Avenue SW. When authorities arrived, they found Holman had been stabbed in the abdomen with an unknown object. He was taken to Parkway Medical Center for treatment. No word on his condition.

Just so everyone is clear, this incident took place on Saturday, hence Bass wearing his Roll Tide gear. Look at the timing of the incident. Bama had just finished wiping its ass with Missouri’s football season – in Columbia.

We did find Bass’s Facebook account. Yep, a Bama fan. Likes NWA Old School Rap. Tosh.O. Hell, this guy even likes the old CBS series ‘Dallas.’

Obviously the cops have the wrong dude.


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