Browns Fan Sticks Head In Bucket Of Urine For $450 [VIDEO]


Only in Ohio…well maybe Florida too. This Browns fan brought Cleveland to an even lower low than we could’ve ever expected. $450 is all it took for this moron to fully submerge his head in a bucket of urine. With all the people around it probably ran each bro around $20 to convince the guy to do it.

According to the YouTube uploader jab2980, “the bucket contained the urine of multiple individuals over a 4 hour period.” Disturbing enough that he did it, but what is even weirder is the fact that he didn’t puke! How is it possible to fully submerge into a bucket of piss without vomiting immediately after.

We’re also curious as to why there is even a urine bucket to begin with? Do people really do that sh*t in Cleveland? Go piss in an outhouse. Go piss in the woods. Hell, piss behind your buddies car door.

Here is another longer video. Less quality but another angle and more footage of this d-bag:

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