That Drunk Blonde Who Was Driving Eddie George Around Pleads Guilty To DUI


Back in March we quickly became enthralled with Rachel Connor. Name not ringing a bell? How quickly you’ve forgotten she was the LPGA golfer who was busted for a DUI…with Eddie George sitting shotgun. It was all very sketchy, with no real details of the situation ever arising. Eddie was quiet and only said she was “just a friend who had offered him a lift home.”

We are bringing this up today because Rachel has officially plead guilty. After months of waiting we can all rest easy knowing that the blonde golfer, who initially only admitted to drinking one or two cranberry vodkas, is guilty and will pay her due. Connor spoke to TMZ and had this to say:

I made a mistake, one that I will regret for a long time to come and I don’t wish to hide from it.

She continued:

I am extremely sorry for letting [my young fans] down and I promise to lead by better example now and in the future.

Honestly, cut the bullsh*t. If anything this girl has gained fans from her cranberry vodka Eddie George-DUI fiasco. Ask any young golf fan if they know who Rachel Connor is and you’ll be hard pressed to find one who does. Ask sports bloggers and readers and then you’ll find some real fans.

After the plea Connor will receive 12 months’ of probation and 50 hours of community service along with a brief suspension of her license. Here’s to hoping this slap on the wrist is hardly enough to detract her from another drunken evening with a former NFL star.


[h/t The Daily Mail]

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