How Good Is Justin Verlander? This F-ing Good! [Morning Twitpic]


Justin Verlander is just that f-ing good.

In the Yankees-Orioles series, how bad is the NY offense in the postseason? Curtis Granderson is 1-for-16 with 9Ks. ARod is 2-for-16 with 9Ks. Robinson Cano is 2-for-18. Nick Swisher is 2-for-15. Shall we go on?

What are we up to this weekend? Oh, think we’ll stop in South Bend, Indiana for GameDay. ESPN hasn’t visited Notre Dame since 2005 – the infamous USC game. The first outdoor GameDay show took place at Notre Dame in 1993, which was billed as the ‘Game of the Century’ as Florida State came in #1. Corso took the Seminoles and of course Notre Dame won, 31-24.

Finally, this chick is mad that Titled Kilt wouldn’t hire her, yet she couldn’t fit into the skirt. C’mon, fatties, go get a job at TGIFridays.

Let’s get rolling!

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