Greg Oden Bar Hopping From Yogi’s Hoagies To Brothers In Columbus Arena District


Will Greg Oden live to see 30? How can his liver possibly handle the pounding he’s giving it now that he’s not busy with the NBA? What was Greg doing while the Heat played the Clippers last night? Oh, just hanging at Yogi’s Hoagies in Columbus.

Looking over things on Twitter, it doesn’t seem like Oden got hammered or anything. He didn’t end up playing beer pong at some frat house. Just a normal night out bar hopping. No biggie.

@NunnFuksGivn reports:

Oh shit is Greg oden is in this bitch?!

Earlier in the night, @LyleStyle13 tweeted:

Awkwardly ran into Greg oden in the bathroom

‏@eclare17 and her crew ran into Greg and turned it into a photo op.

Did you party with Greg Oden? Did you sit next to Greg on an airplane and get drunk with him? We want to hear your stories. Was Oden your beer pong partner at an OSU kegger?

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