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Could Kenny Britt Use “Aw Man” In Every Sentence After Last Night’s Win? Yes [VIDEO]


“Aw man.”

“Aw man.”

We’ve seen funny press conferences and interviews before (the best being Ellis Lankster), but we’ve never seen one like this. In a short 90-second interview after last night’s Titans-Steelers game, Kenny Britt successfully started off every reply with the phrase.

We can’t tell if this was the result of a locker room bet/dare or if Britt was just so hyped up after the win he didn’t even realize what he was doing.

Scratch that.

It’s Kenny Britt, he’s just that dumb. Yes, this is the same dumbass who posted his fine to Instagram and the same dumbass who has had 8 run-ins with the law since 2009.

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