Exclusive: Pete Rose Gets Reds’ Mascot Tattoo Day Before NLDS Collapse [PHOTOS]


What did 71-year-old Pete Rose do on Monday as the Cincinnati Reds were resting, up 2-0 on the Giants in the NLDS? He got a Mr. Redlegs tattoo on his left arm at a Studio City, California tattoo shop.

We chatted this afternoon with a nervous Howard Teman, the artist and owner of T-Man Tattoo, who seemed surprised that we knew about Rose’s tattoo, even though Teman posted two photos of the proceedings on his Instagram account.

Teman didn’t exactly want to answer questions because the tattoo was part of the upcoming Rose ‘reality’ show Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, that will air on TLC later this year.

Teman did, however, share that it was Pete’s first tattoo.

“Let me email the production company,” Teman said, trying to end the conversation. “Call me back tomorrow,” he added.

The Rose reality series, according to industry experts, will show his family visit the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, to Kim getting a breast reduction.

TLC has ordered five episodes. Looks like we know the theme of the surprise episode.

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