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Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Molly Moenkhoff Also A Titans’ Cheerleader [49 PHOTOS]

Week in and week out we have been seeking out the hottest chicks on the internet who also know a thing or two about football. This week we featured Molly Moenkoff, a beautiful cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans who is also a former ice girl with the Nashville Predators.

Originally from New Hampshire, Molly has since relocated and made Tennessee her home. Between her time with the Predators and Titans, we’re sure the locals in Tennessee are happy she chose there to call home.

Get to know Molly Moenkhoff:

  • Originally from Merrimack, New Hampshire
  • BeganĀ skatingĀ at age 3…playing hockey!
  • Was a member of the Nashville Predators Goal Girls for ten years!
  • 2,892 Twitter followers (@Molsk8s)
  • Only 554 likes on her Facebook page…help her get that number up.

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