Lawrence Taylor’s Advice To Tim Tebow: “Find A Nice Girl And Get Laid” [VIDEO]

New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor made an appearance on Showtime’s Inside The NFL last night. Obviously they had to work Tim Tebow into the broadcast, so J.B. dropped the following question:

Like you I’m a clean living, hard hitting good ol’ Southern boy living in the Big Apple. What was the secret to your success? – Tim, from the Meadowlands

L.T. started out his response as if he was going to give a well thought out answer. Being that he’s now clean, sober and a “new man” we were prepared for another boring, cookie cutter answer about Tebow. Then, for a brief moment, the old L.T. returned and dropped the “Tebow needs to get laid” bomb that everyone is thinking but too afraid to say. T.V. gold!

P.S. Chris Collinsworth flat out couldn’t contain himself.