Kansas State Mascot Kicks Kid In The Face [PHOTOS, GIF]


The Kansas State mascot, Willie the Wildcat, has been a hot topic this week. First he lights up a Kansas mascot with a great form tackle prior to the KU vs. KSU game on Saturday…and now this. While at a children’s birthday party, he pulls a strange dance move. As he pulls his leg back he connects right in a baby’s jaw. BOOM!

What makes this even worse is that as the kid tumbles to the ground, inevitably about to burst into tears, Willie stands and does what appears to be a Heisman-like celebration! What a d-bag!

We would show you video footage, but the uploaded has since made the video private. Thankfully a few keen bloggers made a GIF out of this masterpiece before it was too late.

[h/t Off The Bench]

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