Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Blue Jackets’ Saundrine Lanouette [47 PHOTOS]

As the NHL and the NHLPA continues to dick around with the upcoming season, Busted Coverage is the only media outlet covering the most underrated aspect of this entire story. Where else can you find hard-hitting journalists talking about the effect of the lockout on the NHL Ice Girls? We’ve already told you the sad story of Florida Panthers’ Ice Girl Group Leader Danielle Castellano. Then we tried to fill the Ice Girl gap in your life with the hottest Russian Ice Girls on the planet.

But, since nobody else is picking up this story, we are going to have to forge ahead and continue to highlight the real victims of the NHL lockout. Which brings us to the Columbus Blue Jackets and their leggy ice girl Saundrine. This blue eyed beauty isn’t just a pretty face on a pair of skates, though. She’s a real life college hockey player. Saundrine used to tend the pipes for Ohio State’s women’s hockey team. Which means, not only is Saundrine way hotter than you, she’s probably tougher than you too. Talk about a deadly combination.

Know Your Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Saundrine

• Won a hockey state championship as a high school senior

• Plans on being a Victoria’s Secret model some day

• Check her out on Twitter: @slanouette33

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