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36 Greatest Sports-Themed Groom’s Cakes Known To Married Men

It’s a Southern tradition unlike any other: the groom’s cake. Imagine getting one last cake honoring your journey into sleeping with the same woman for the rest of your life (*cough). What would you want on that cake? What theme would speak to your bachelorhood and all that you’ll be leaving behind when that ring goes on her finger?

That’s a groom’s cake.

It’s the final cake you’ll have some say in before she runs the rest of your life – except for Saturdays in the fall.

According to Wikipedia:

The groom’s cake is often served at a separate table from the wedding cake at a wedding reception, though it may be served as a dessert for a rehearsal dinner.

One final cake for you and the bros to enjoy and high-five over while your bride is planning the rest of your life.

Make it count, boys. The Bible says you’ll only get one. Till death do us part.

Did you have a super awesome groom’s cake at your wedding? Did your bro have a groom’s cake we need to see & you have a pic on the iPhone? We’ll add to the list.

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