Hardo Utah Football Coach Forearms 7th Grader; Boy Has Concussion [VIDEO]

According to KSL in Utah:

No charges have been filed yet, but Mapleton’s little league assistant football coach Nathan Harris is in custody for investigation of second-degree felony child abuse. Home video taken by the injured Payson athlete’s mother shows what some believe are two sides to the story.

“(Harris) never crosses the line between where the spectators would be and where the field of play is, and the man that is involved on this is running toward the sidelines. He breaches the sideline, and there is a collision,” defense attorney Dean Zabriskie told KSL News Tuesday.

Look, the dude was just trying to be a hardo and not move when the kid came towards the sideline. The kid has a concussion and the coach could be arrested on felony child abuse charges.

No word on who won the game.