Fans Won’t Stop Streaking Saskatoon Lingerie Football Games [PHOTOS]


The Saskatoon Sirens of the Lingerie Football League played its final home game (had two) of the year over the weekend and the game was highlighted by tandem streakers (not a first in Saskatoon lingerie football history – see here) .

As you can see, Streaker Bros went with the boxers and white socks look to impress the Lingerie girls. Watch the video closely as the tandem go from sitting in the front row, to ripping off their shirts, to jumping the padded wall.

Besides interrupting a sporting event, it’s hard to see the crime here that warrants handcuffing a streaker. Everyone get in their underwear and rage. No biggie.

According to @DTCRICK, the guy responsible for the streaker photos, there was also a fan fight at Saturday’s game. We’re looking at a modern day rival to the NFL developing before our eyes.

*The Regina Rage beat the Sirens, 26-20.

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