Dick Pound Looking A Little Old, Grumpy On 30 For 30 [Morning Twitpic]


That name still gets me every time. The old Dickster had a part on last night’s 30 for 30. Nothing more to see here, just Dick being Dick.

In MLB news, you get a quadruple-header today with the festivities starting at 1 p.m. on MLB Network (full schedule). The Giants and A’s both stayed alive, giving your ass at least two games to watch at work. For you lucky bastards on the West coast, enjoy getting out of bed and watching 14 hours of baseball.

As for this morning’s NY Post cover, the backpage is a can’t miss asking Girardi to drop ARod in the Yankees batting order. Ironically, the columnist suggesting the drop also suggests Nick Swisher stay in the five hole. The guy has like 1 hit with RISP during the postseason – IN HIS CAREER.

Let’s get rolling!

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