Buy Eddie Murray’s SoCal Crib For $5M; Home Arcade & 13K Sq. Ft.! [35 PHOTOS]


Why Eddie Murray is selling this house is beyond us. This place is the ultimate bachelor pad, complete with a home arcade, work out room, see-through aquarium and a ridiculous sky bar overlooking the pool. This house is your typical “first big paycheck” house for an athlete, where the athlete spares no expense. Weird thing about this case is that the house was built in 2007, a full decade after he wrapped up his playing career. Total power move building a house like this at 50-years-old.

Could there be more at play here? Why would he sell such an insane house only five years after buying it? Well if you recall earlier in the year, Murray ran into some trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission:

The SEC alleges that Murray made approximately $235,314 in illegal profits after Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories Inc. publicly announced its plan to purchase Advanced Medical Optics through a tender offer. Murray agreed to settle the SEC’s charges by paying $358,151.

What’s $360k to a multi-millionaire, you ask? Well, Murray did make roughly $30 million throughout his career so it sure doesn’t seem like the SEC charges would be a big deal. Who knows, maybe Murray sees more trouble on the horizon and would be more comfortable with $5 million in his pocket than his adult playground.


• 6 bed, 8 bath

• 13,174 sq. ft.

• Obviously a pool/hot tub area with a bar overlooking from above

• See-through saltwater aquarium

• Basketball court (with lights!), arcade, pool table…pretty much any guys dream house

20.1 miles to Vintage Industrial Strip Club

Only 1.8 miles to In-N-Out Burger!

Asking: $4,999,000

Mortgage: $16,000+/mo. before aquarium cleaning and arcade maintenance

[Buy Eddie Murray’s California Mansion – Realtor]

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