Girls Of The Big Ten: Hoosier Chicks In Candy Stripes [PHOTOS]


Don’t think we’re alone when we say these Indiana pants might be the most overrated “tradition” in college basketball. Just never been a fan, but we have to admit that these two Hoosier hotties are making us have a change of heart. Just a couple of broads out for a night on the town in Bloomington after IU’s homecoming loss to Michigan State, rockin’ the sh*t out of the candy striped pants.

Never done a 180 on something as quickly as we did with these pants.

Have a Girl of the Big Ten photo we need to see? We’re all ears. Were you tailgating over the weekend and saw the most beautiful Big Ten babe swiggin’ a Natty Ice? We want to see.

Girls Of The Big 10: Vol. 1

Girls Of The Big 10: Vol. 2

Girls Of The Big 10: Vol. 3

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