Florida Fan’s Face Curb Stomped By Florida Fans After LSU Game [Cuff ‘Em]




According to Gainesville Police Department spokesman Ben Tobias, the assailants beat Joe Cappelletti, 28, of Gainesville until he blacked out. They also reportedly attacked three more people, including Cappelletti’s fiancee, Jamie Davis, 25. All are from Gainesville.

According to Cappelletti, he was walking down West University Avenue near St. Augustine Church around 9:30 p.m. when two women and three men in a rickshaw pulled up. They started yelling at Cappelletti’s group, and one pushed Davis. Cappelletti grabbed one of the men and they tussled and exchanged some words before everyone dispersed.

His group crossed the street, Cappelletti said, and the same three men jumped out of the bushes and attacked them.

“The thing that really got me is that they were all Gator fans,” he said. “They just looked like normal people who came to town to enjoy the game.”

Nope, you won’t have this happen to you after a Northwestern-Indiana game.

Cops say they are looking for suspects with goatees, in khaki shorts and wearing Florida gear. Keep your eyes open. Look, we’re only getting one side of the story, but it sounds like Joe’s group didn’t deserve its women to get stomped.

Let’s look at the numbers: Group A (for assailants) had two women and three guys. Group V (for victims) had 2 women and 2 guys.

And nobody saw a guy get his face smashed and a woman bleeding profusely?


Cappelletti and his fiance, Jamie Davis, who was found bleeding profusely.

Another victim, Danielle Feldman, from happier Florida times

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