ESPN Makes Sure To Report How Tebow Went 0-For-1 [Morning Twitpic]


Another solid effort last night from the Jets. 69 rushing yards didn’t get the job done and the Texans remain undefeated with the 23-17 win. Don’t be fooled by that score. Joe McKnight had a 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown (box score). At this pace, the Texans should wrap up the AFC South by Thanksgiving (NFL standings).

As for the Jets, the rushing defense showed how bad it is. Arian Foster went for 152 yards. The Jets rush defense is ranked 31st in the NFL, allowing 172 yds/gm.

Meanwhile, the NY Post went with an ARod backpage after the Yankees dropped Game 2 to the Orioles. He’s now batting .169 in the postseason since 2009. Meanwhile, Nick Swisher is now 1-for-33 in his postseason career with runners in scoring position.

Finally, in competitive eating news, a guy in Florida died Friday after winning a cockroach eating contest. Yes, there’s video of the guy winning the contest. His reward for winning the competition: an $850 snake.

Let’s get rolling!

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