300 Georgia State Fans Battle For $10,000 Falling From Georgia Dome Roof [VIDEO]


Things in Georgia are looking pretty grim. Yes, UGA got stomped by South Carolina over the weekend (leading to their QB’s house getting egged), but Georgia State might have gone even lower. In an effort to boost poor attendance, GSU brass thought of a genius promotion: dropping cash money from the ceiling of the Georgia Dome. No joke…300 students were allowed onto the field to battle over $10,000 cash that was drifting down from the rafters. Can’t make this sh*t up!

According to MSN Now, GSU sold a whopping 55 more tickets than they did for the previous game. At 0-6, maybe they should reevaluate some other things to get attendance up.

Were you one of the GSU students in that mayhem? Did you catch $12 and live to tell the tale? We want to know.


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