Angry Chiefs Fans Revolt At Arrowhead [PHOTOS]


Have things hit an all-time low in Kansas City? Sure looks like it. At 1-4 on the season (and 0-3 at home), Chiefs fans look like they have had enough. Things got especially ugly yesterday after Matt Cassel was knocked out of the game with an apparent concussion…and the crowd cheered as he lay motionless on the ground. The photo (above) was taken at yesterday’s tailgate, before the Chiefs scored a woeful 6 points in a loss to the Ravens.

That’s not all. Before the game, multiple fans were tweeting out photos of a plane flying around the stadium with a very special message for the front office:

WE DESERVE BETTER! FIRE PIOLI – BENCH CASSEL has more photos and tweets chronicling just how fed up some Kansas City fans are. What did they expect when they brought Romeo Crennel in as head coach?

They got their wish with Cassel. It seems like only a matter of time before Crennel and Pioli and on their way out too.

[h/t ArrowheadPride]

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