Rich Eisen: ‘Larry Fitzgerald Face Raped Him’ [VIDEO]


Weren’t watching the NFL Network’s halftime show last night? You missed Rich Eisen, talking about Janoris Jenkins and Larry Fitzgerald, dropped a “face rape” reference. Now, who doesn’t like a great face rape comment from a guy like Eisen?

We’re down.

According to Urban Dictionary:

Verb. To be orally assaulted, or to orally assault, whilst under the influence and hence unable to resist.
Charles – “I was out on the lash last night,didn’t have a clue what was going on and this fat chick comes up and pulls me, i couldn’t resist”
Lewis – “dude you got face raped!”

That’s not exactly how Fitzgerald face raped Jenkins, but you get the idea.

Next up: can Rich Eisen use beaver juice and face rape in the same sentence and not get blasted with the delay button. Your move, Eisen.


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