Jim McMahon Still Medicating His Dementia With Coors Light & Golf

By now it’s pretty well known that Jim McMahon is struggling with dementia and other brain ailments. Sad seeing “the punky QB, known as McMahon” going off the deep end like this. He was invited back to his alma mater, Roy (Utah) High School this past weekend. The school was paying homage to Jim and his contributions over the years, and naturally McMahon made a party out of it.

He headed to town a little early and hit the links with some of his boys. Just look at McMahon, not giving a single f*ck. He could easily put the Coors Light down for the photo op, but that’s just not Jim. Check out those party shorts too! Can’t ignore his Bama superfan bro either.

Back in July photos surfaced of McMahon partying at a Tahoe golf tournament and a Kenny Chesney concert. The guy is not letting dementia get in between him and a good time. He might not remember the good times, but that’s what the Twitpics are for.

P.S. Put a little grey hair on McMahon and he is a carbon copy of his mother. Not a good look for the 53-year-old.

[via @JimMcMahon]

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