Black Chick With Goatee Wanted For Stealing South Carolina Gamecocks Coats From K-Mart

Well, she obviously knew there was this big game with Georgia coming up and fans would want to buy a South Carolina Gamecocks coat on the black market. It is #5 vs. #6 in October.

Via The Smoking Gun:

The larceny last Wednesday night at the Columbia retailer involved two shoplifters who fled the store with 10 baseball caps and eight jackets, according to a Lexington County Sheriff’s Department report.

A Kmart worker described one of the shoplifters as “a black female” between 25-30 years old, with dreadlocks, glasses, and a goatee (which is spelled “gotee” in the report).

When a second employee encountered the duo outside the store, one woman lifted her shirt to reveal a handgun in her waistband. The worker was warned that if the fleeing pair was followed, the pursuer “would get shot.”

The stolen loot included:

• 4 USC garnet and black leather jackets

• 10 USC baseball caps

• 4 Dallas Cowboys leather jackets

How gangsta is that? Robbing a K-Mart of sports gear and flashing a hand gun to make sure no fools tried to be a hero? Total gangsta move.

And rocking a goatee? Can this story get any better?






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