Kevin The Intern Selling His Purdue Tailgating Van For $750! [PHOTOS]


What kind of chicks can you possibly get with the Purdue Boilermaker Emergency Party Unit van that’s on eBay with a sticker price of $750? Blind chicks, fat chicks and chicks who are so smashed they won’t know that she’s on a couch in one of the most disgusting tailgating rides in college football history.

Been looking for a piece of junk that you don’t care destroying? Tired of the SUV getting dirty on Saturdays?

According to the seller:

Its a fixer upper!
The vehicle has well over 100K miles but the odometer does not have a 6th digit so I do not know how many actual miles are on it.
It has not been started in over a year, I was there earlier this summer and tried to start it but it would not.  It would turn over but I could not get it running.  I assume the gas had went bad but didn’t have time to play around with it then, the batteries need a charge but seemed OK.
The sliding side door is very tricky, the door comes off the track easily so you need to be careful when opening it so it does not come off.  While it is closed it is secure.
The body of it is shot, I used spray foam to fill the holes and used a roller to paint the outside, its not pretty but it gets a lot of attention. The streaks on the sides are from rust.

Oh, did we mention that it’s keg-ready? Sure is. Did we mention this thing “sounds like a tank coming down the road?”

Isn’t a better buy on eBay than this one. Offer $300, put $500 into it and you’ll be dropping panties by November 1. You could even get real ballsy and road trip the EPU to Iowa for the Nov. 17 game and just burn it after the game.

Just think of the college memories.

[Purdue Emergency Party Unit Van – eBay]

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