Kate Upton-Verlander New Cosmo Cowgirl Photos


Of course you’ve been waiting for the day Kate Upton would be nearly naked in a barn for Cosmo. Here she is the November issue talking about growing up around horses, blah, blah, blah. Don’t read a word she utters. It doesn’t matter what a 20-year-old sprawled on hay has to say. Anyway, let’s get down to the sports side of this story.

Upton’s boyfriend Justin Verlander finished the year 17-8 and an astonishing 8-3 since starting to date Kate.

While his ERA was slightly better before the all-star break (2.58), Verlander was able to strikeout 111 in just 15 games. Plus, hitters only batted .238 after the break when the super couple was outed.

Not quite Cy Young numbers, but you try concentrating when this flies into town when you tell a SI swimsuit model to fly into Chicago.

[Cosmopolitan Magazine]   [MLB Postseason Schedule]

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