Congressman Fred Upton (Kate’s Uncle): “Family Reasons For Rooting For Justin Verlander”

Of course Michigan Congressman (R) Fred Upton would’ve been rooting for the Detroit Tigers on Saturday even if his 20-year-old niece Kate wasn’t sleeping with Justin Verlander. While the relationship has yet to be confirmed by Upton reps, it seems her uncle just confirmed that Kate is officially dating JT, according to comments Fred made this morning on Michigan’s Big Show radio blabber-fest.

Thanks, Fred.

Finally, confirmation.

It’s not like BC hasn’t been all over this story from the beginning. We were on the case a couple weeks ago when Verlander-Upton were spotted cruising Michigan Ave.

Was Fred supposed to confirm the obvious just days before the huge Game 1 in Detroit between the Tigers and A’s? Probably not. His head might not be in the game right now because the 13-term incumbent is facing tough Democratic challenger, Mike O’Brien, in the November election.

Kate Upton-Verlander New Cosmo Cowgirl Photos
Kate Upton-Verlander New Cosmo Cowgirl Photos
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