Arianny Celeste In STNDRD Magazine [8 PHOTOS]


The STNDRD Magazine ran a photo-shoot of our girl Arianny Celeste back in June. How this shoot escaped our radar we’ll never know. We monitor Arianny like its nobodies business, but we’ll begrudgingly admit we missed this one. Thankfully some new, HQ photos surfaced online yesterday and made their way to BC. The bikini shoot was a sexy reminder that summer came and went too fast, so take a look at these eight sexy photos of Arianny bringing the heat.

The STNDRD asked Arianny what she looks for in a guy, you know, to make us schmucks feel like we have a chance with a ten like her. She gave the standard hot girl answer:

I look for intelligence, class, drive and determination. I don’t concentrate on the physical aspect as much as I do on whether or not he has his sh*t together.

There you have it BC nation. If you have your sh*t together and have a little drive and determination you have a chance with Arianny. We’re calling BS.

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