Hey, Muslim Extremists, How You Like The Dolphins Cheerleaders Infiltrating Afghanistan? HAHAHA!


You know what continues to make me smile five years after starting Busted Coverage? Yeah, NFL cheerleaders being flown behind enemy lines to entertain our boys in the military. Love it, especially considering all these Muslim extremists despise boobs, perfectly tanned skin and blonde hair. They just need to try sex a few times and tell us it’s worth giving up to blow themselves into pieces.

Not worth it, fellas. Grab a beer, extremist, and ogle.

Several Dolphins cheerleaders have been hitching rides on helicopters all around Afghanistan over the last week or so, performing for our boys along the way. The ladies had former Dolphins Troy Drayton and O.J. McDuffie acting as bodyguards.

Here are the ladies, last week, shaking it at Bagram Air Force Base. Meanwhile, some nutjob is strapping on a suicide vest and giving up poon forever just to get to some holy land in the sky. What a bunch of morons. What they need to do is get their heads straight, start an NFL team and import girls.

Cheerleader poon never hurt a guy, dumb extremist. Try it a few times on a Saturday night after a long week of being a moron extremist.

[via 411th Engineer Brigade]

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