‘Broke’ Curt Schilling Selling Massachusetts House For $3.45M; 26 Acres! [PHOTOS]


You might have noticed Curt Schilling – an ESPN employee – on last night’s documentary ‘Broke’ from the 30 for 30 series. Curt talked about athletes, money and troubles. Ironically, it came out yesterday that Curt is trying to sell his $3.45 million Massachusetts house. It was probably just a coincidence. Anyway, Schilling, who made more than $114 million in his baseball career, is having trouble with money these days.

This guy told Boston radio over the summer that he burned through $50 million of his own money on 38 Studios, the video game company he founded six years ago.

“I put everything in my name in this company,” Schiling said, adding that he wasn’t looking for sympathy. “I believed in it. I believed in what we built. I never took a penny in salary. I never took a penny for anything.”

Now comes time to sell off the 26 acres and lovely house.

Poor, Curt.

Purchased in 2004 for $4.5 million, the Schillings tried to sell this house for $8 million in 2008. As you can see, he’s now standing to lose his ass.

Poor, Curt.

Highlights Of Curt Schilling’s House:

• 7 bed, 7 bath

• Volleyball court, basketball court, batting and pitching cage, putting green

• Cherry library

• Obligatory beautiful pool

9.6 miles to nearest Whole Foods

8.5 miles to Showcase Live strip club in Foxboro

Asking: $3.45 million

Mortgage: $12,000 before mowers, pool boy, volleyball refs, etc.

[Buy Curt Schilling’s House – Zillow]

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