Joey Cora Won’t Fist Bump Carlos Lee [VIDEO]

Things really are getting bad down in Miami. The Dolphins suck and the Marlins, at a record of 69-92, are a whopping 28 games behind Washington going into today’s season finale. Fans gave up, Ozzie Guillen lost control and players mailed it in back in August. Last night, as Carlos Lee was trotting out to the field in the 9th inning, he went for a friendly fist pound with coach Joey Cora. Said fist bump didn’t go according to plan.

Lee was so desperate to not be left hanging that he picked up Cora’s hand and forced him into it. The whole time Cora had the most unenthusiastic, douchey look on his face. Lee’s enthusiasm is bewildering. A 3-3 game this late in the season? Why the enthusiasm? Do you really want extra innings?

At least Marlins fans have the lovely ladies of The Clevelander to keep them happy!
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[h/t MLB]
*Our mistake for having Alex Cora previously… incorrectly reported the name.

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