Mark Cuban Buys To Call Out Mikhail Prokhorov?


Remember last week when news began to surface that was now a gay dating site? A place where you can “find your own cowboy”, so to speak? That was hilarious and cool that somebody got the best of Jerry Jones, but we have something that might top that. Has Mavericks owner Mark Cuban pulled the ultimate bad-ass move by purchasing Not only that but did he threw in a little jab to Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov…in Russian!

Just when you thought Cuban couldn’t get any cooler, it appears he has after pulling a move like this. For whatever reason, the domain became available. Seeing opportunity to punk a fellow NBA owner, Cuban swooped in. The site is pretty bland but has this message for visitors:

Looking for the New Jersey Nets? Looking for the Brooklyn Nets? They’re not here…but they should be! After all there’s just one team: The Nets!

If you keep reading, there is a jab directed to Prokorov in Russian. According to Google translate it means:

Michael, you have noticed? Vilena is interested …

At this moment we cannot confirm or deny Cuban’s involvement in this ploy. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Cuban was involved because he’s been quite vocal with his feelings toward Prokhorov ever since he lost out on the Deron Williams sweepstakes.

Do you have a scoop on this prank? Have some inside information on Cuban’s involvement? We want to know.

[h/t Boxden]

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